Use this scarf

Kanji made matching scarves with their names on it.

v0rtechs replied to your post:Oh, of COURSE the guy who decided to be a dick and…

Tumblr DOES have a reporting system. Not many people seem to make use of it though.

Two things about that:

  • Nobody uses tumblr’s report system because tumblr’s report system is so fucking bad and more often than not if you report something or someone, you’re basically throwing that report into the abyss where nobody will bother to check it and nothing will be done. (case in point, there are INCREDIBLY racist pieces of shit on this site that people will report en masse only to be met with a canned “just block them” response)
  • It’s not a repost, they literally took my post, removed the commentary AND the dA click-through link (which isn’t embedded onto the post itself so it basically needed to be there), and somebody already found their version and reblogged it, and knowing how incredibly lazy the majority of Pokemon-art-rebloggers I’ve encountered on here are, they probably won’t bother to give the “source: [my blog]” link that may or may not even appear a second glance as opposed to a big honkin’ link right there within the post content that this one fuckin’ person decided to be an asswipe and remove for whatever reason.

So really, I can’t report the post because it’s on my own post and tumblr staff doesn’t fucking care (like they ever did) about people removing commentary when really, every person that’s going to reblog the version with no comments is a viewer I’m losing because the source isn’t easily/readily viewable and people are fucking lazy.



Sea Storm by squeedgemonster

#lettered pole

Also, whoever made that post that said if you make an art post into a photoset (by using like a 1px bar as a buffer), then you can freely tweak your drawing and it will update on all of the reblogs too?

They’re lying.

I just added a source bar image below my picture in the hopes that it would rectify the problem and it did absolutely nothing. It hasn’t updated on this blog or anywhere else for that matter. ONLY on my art blog.
Well at least this will make sure this crap won’t happen again… as long as they reblog it directly from me. :|

Oh, of COURSE the guy who decided to be a dick and remove the commentary and source on my art has a fucking blindingly bad theme and their askbox is closed. Of fucking course!!

And of course somebody already reblogged the version without the commentary so it looks like there’s gonna be a version without the source and commentary potentially floating around now. :)))))


look at these beebs

#lettered pole

… Fuck, the Vinesauce Tomodachi Life stream is making me really, REALLY want this game.


Training with naotos :3  

Wish I could play Persona 4 !


Extreme kabe-don; Kannao Edition

From this [x]

#lettered pole

> takes bite of red velvet cake
> takes sip of coffee
> coffee suddenly tastes like onions

what the fuck

Route 10
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Route 10 // Pokémon Black and White




Harfang Style.




Time to Say Goodbye by Galahawk

I would have offered a detail shot but really, no way I cropped the two looked acceptable to me. So here, have the piece as a whole.
(the FULL view is available via the dA link, colors are worse though)

PS: pleasepleasePLEASE listen to this song as well for full effect.

#god bless







I hate snk

Says no one ever.

I hate snk

i hate snk

I hate snk

god damn do i hate snk